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How to Be the Top 5% Most Viewed Profile on LinkedIn

Today I found out I was honoured with being in the top 5%  most viewed profiles on LinkedIn in 2012 out of their 200+ million members.



So a question may be – how did you get up there for being in the top 5% most viewed for LinkedIn profiles?

I would say that there’s 2 main things:


1. Ensure you optimize your profile with keywords that’s specific to your business – i.e. I used social media marketing and internet marketing throughout my summary section, skills, my work experience.

2. Connecting with people on LinkedIn when people request to connect with you and invite others in similar fields or your potential customers to connect with you. The more people you connect with, especially people that have lots of connections, the higher up you’ll rank in the LinkedIn system. As such, I recommend you join groups that have members who are open to connecting, such as OpenNetwork and also various other groups that will have people in your field and also your prospects. This will help you both rank higher for visibility and also have more people you can actually connect with to help them through your business.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn if you search for – I accept invitations :)

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