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Cosmetics: the whole lot you'll want to know

Cosmetics are preparations made with pure substances, artificial or their mixtures, for exterior use in numerous components of the human physique, with the intention of sanitizing, perfuming, altering their look, defending them or conserving them in good situation. These merchandise might not declare therapeutic exercise.



Earlier than you begin delving into the EU cosmetics regulation and its necessities, it is necessary to find out in case your product really falls inside the scope of cosmetics laws.

In Europe, "cosmetic product" is outlined in  Regulation No. 1223/2009 as follows:

"cosmetic product": any substance or combination meant to be introduced into contact with the superficial components of the human physique (dermis, hair and capillary system, nails, lips and exterior genital organs) or with the enamel and oral mucosa, with a purpose to unique or foremost objective of cleansing them, perfuming them, modifying their look, defending them, conserving them in good situation or correcting physique odors. (EU Regulation No. 1223/2009, Article 2.1.a)

In keeping with the definition of "cosmetic product", merchandise which will look like cosmetic, reminiscent of nail wraps, a comb or a toothbrush, are usually not cosmetic merchandise, even when they're in touch with the exterior components of the human physique and its pores and skin. foremost operate is to change its look; it's because none of those merchandise is both a substance or a mix.

Since, with a purpose to be cosmetic, merchandise should keep in touch with the exterior components of the human physique or with the enamel and oral mucosa, no product meant to be ingested, inhaled, injected or implanted within the human physique shall be thought of a product. cosmetic within the EU. Subsequently, breast implants are usually not cosmetic merchandise, though their foremost operate can also be to vary look.

To find out if a product is a cosmetic product, a case- by-case evaluation should be carried out , making an allowance for all of the traits of the product.

Cosmetic product definition EU


The product should be a:

  • Substance
  • Combine


This product should be meant to keep in touch with:

  • Exterior components of the human physique
  • Dermis
  • Hair and capillary system
  • Nails
  • Lips
  • Exterior genital organs
  • Enamel
  • oral mucosa


The aim of the product should be solely or primarily to:

  • Wipe
  • Fragrance
  • modify to look
  • Shield
  • Hold in good situation
  • Right physique odors


The classification of the product typically is dependent upon the claims that the producer makes use of for it. This happens significantly within the case of the so-called frontier merchandise ., since these have traits of multiple product class and, due to this fact, it's troublesome to categorise them. Cosmetic merchandise could be positioned on the border with medical units, pharmaceutical merchandise, biocides, toys, and many others. Cosmetic merchandise should have, in accordance with Regulation 1223/2009, the unique or foremost operate of cleansing, perfuming, modifying the looks, defending, conserving in good situation or correcting physique odors. Their meant capabilities don't embrace, for instance, these of merchandise which have properties to deal with or stop illness in people. SubsequentlyIt isn't allowed to say or current visually on the labels of cosmetic merchandise any illness, neither is it allowed to make use of phrases or phrases that attribute medicinal use to the merchandise.


It isn't sufficient that the product is a substance or a mix, and that its place of software, objective and claims are right, however that it should even have the proper composition. Cosmetic merchandise should not comprise sure elements which might be prohibited (listed in Annex II of Regulation 1223/2009), should observe the rules for restricted substances (set out in Annex III) and should meet the necessities for dyes (Annex IV), preservatives (Annex V) and ultraviolet filters (Annex VI).


Cosmetic merchandise embrace:

  • lotions, emulsions, lotions, gels and oils for the pores and skin,
  • magnificence masks,
  • basis make-up (liquids, pastes, powders),
  • make-up powder,
  • powders to use after the tub,
  • powders for physique hygiene,
  • rest room soaps,
  • deodorant soaps,
  • perfumes, rest room water and cologne water,
  • tub and bathe preparations (salts, foams, oils, gels),
  • depilatories,
  • deodorants and antiperspirants,
  • hair dyes,
  • merchandise for waving, straightening and fixing hair,
  • hair styling merchandise,

What's a Cosmetic Product in line with RD 1599/1997? 

Royal Decree 1599/1997 , of October 17, on cosmetic merchandise, modified by Royal Decrees 2131/2004, of October 25 and 209/2005, of February 29, defines cosmetics as:

"Any substance or preparation meant to be introduced into contact with the assorted superficial components of the human physique (dermis, capital and hair system, nails, lips and exterior genital organs) or with the enamel and oral mucosa, with the unique or foremost objective of to scrub them, fragrance them, modify their look, and/or right physique odors, and/or shield them or maintain them in good situation”.

Definition of Cosmetic in line with the RAE

In keeping with the RAE Spanish language dictionary , the cosmetic time period is: adj. mentioned of a product: used for hygiene or great thing about the physique, particularly the face. U.t. 

The cosmetics business understands cosmetics as substances which might be used to scrub and enhance the standard of the pores and skin, hair, cuticles or enamel. Point out {that a} cosmetic could be a magnificence product reminiscent of cream, nail polish, cologne, fragrance... and in addition a private hygiene product reminiscent of shampoo, shaving cream, and many others.

Procedures to market Cosmetic Merchandise in Spain

The procedures for authorization to market cosmetic merchandise in Spain are completely different , relying on whether or not the product is manufactured in:

  • Spain
  • European Union 
  • Exterior the European Union.


Rules on Cosmetics

The Spanish rules on cosmetics help the health and security of the last shopper by means of a set of technical restrictions on the composition of cosmetics, and in addition on the info that should be included within the leaflets to tell customers and authorities.

The laws prohibits that cosmetic merchandise could be attributed properties or actions that do not need or exceed cosmetic capabilities, that's, healing, false statements or that result in error.

Spanish legislation clearly signifies that it's prohibited to provide cosmetics properties that they don't have or to point out them as therapeutic substances, fraudulent claims that might be deceptive.

What's cosmetics?

I could not begin a weblog to speak about cosmetics and not using a quick introduction in order that everyone knows what we're speaking about, as a result of are you aware how the cosmetic merchandise you employ every day are formulated and manufactured?

Cosmetics is a self-discipline derived from health sciences with three foremost capabilities:

  • hygienic operate: hygiene is among the important components for the great thing about the person and the health of the pores and skin, an sufficient cleansing motion is just obtained when it doesn't alter the traits of the pores and skin.
  • eutrophic operate: cosmetics assist keep the capabilities of the pores and skin, a cosmetic mustn't injury or alter the pure situations of the pores and skin on which it's utilized.
  • Aesthetic operate: cosmetic merchandise additionally positively affect the senses of sight and scent. Though this operate is just decorative, it's the first for which cosmetics started for use in historic occasions.

Cosmetics, as an business, is split into a number of sectors: facial, physique, hair, perfumery and hygiene relying on both the realm of ​​software or its foremost operate. And globally it occupies the fifth place out there on the stage of commerce, which is why it is among the most necessary industries.

In Europe, cosmetics is regulated in a uniform method for all EU member nations by means of Regulation (EU) 1223/2009, as well as, in Spain, the elements that this regulation left to the group by the completely different nations are included in Royal Decree 85/2018.

This regulation describes the minimal situations that firms that manufacture and market cosmetics should meet and in addition the necessities that these cosmetic merchandise should meet, in addition to the uncooked supplies with which they're made.

Underneath this laws,

A cosmetic product is any substance or combination meant to be introduced into contact with the superficial components of the human physique (dermis, hair and capillary system, nails, lips and exterior genital organs) or with the enamel and oral mucosa, for the unique objective of or foremost to scrub them, fragrance them, modify their look, shield them, maintain them in good situation or right physique odors.

We're going to analyze this definition a little bit extra, as a result of there are three elementary elements in it:

  • Substance or combination: gadgets for its software are usually not included, reminiscent of make-up brushes, toothbrushes and even sure "anti-cellulite" rollers...
  • the realm of ​​software: the superficial components of the physique or the enamel and oral mucosa, that's to say, that an injectable or ingestible product isn't thought of a cosmetic,
  • and the aim of the product: the aim of cosmetics is to cleanse, modify the looks, shield, keep the pores and skin in good situation or right physique odors, that's, a cosmetic isn't meant to remedy a pores and skin pathology reminiscent of zits, or atopic dermatitis or cellulite, the aim of a cosmetic is to enhance the situation of the pores and skin or assist maintain it wholesome, nothing extra and nothing much less (as a result of though it could not look like this, this part brings it to you, why a product that Does it irritate you? Is it serving to you retain your pores and skin in good situation? I am going to go away it there….)

Okay, the manufacture of a cosmetic that's going to be marketed can solely be carried out by firms registered for it and that meet a sequence of necessities by way of services, group and, as well as, they need to assure compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices, also referred to as its acronym in English GMP. That's, watch out with all these merchandise which might be offered on the market on the web, in markets, and many others. All the time be sure that they adjust to the rules by studying the labels as a result of they will injury your pores and skin

The event of a brand new cosmetic from the second it's born as an concept till it's positioned in the marketplace is a protracted course of by which a number of departments are concerned (R&D, Advertising, Regulatory, High quality, Manufacturing) and the product should bear numerous analyzes that guarantee its security earlier than the cosmetic reaches the primary buyer.

And now that we've already made a short introduction to Cosmetics, we should know very properly the components of the human physique the place we apply them to have the ability to perceive what we'd like from every cosmetic in line with our explicit wants, do not you suppose?