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3 Ways to Increase Your Sales with Your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Marketing for your business means there’s at least 3 ways to increase your Facebook Fan Page with the use of the following

  1. Welcome Page – similar to your home page on your website
  2. Welcome Page – feature graphics to increase your sales
  3. Products/Services customized page – feature your description and promotions of your products/services

Welcome page – this acts similar to your home page on your website and can even look the same as your website. This is known as a customized tab and can feature graphics and wording that promote your products and/or services. You are encourage to have a call to action, whether it’s an email sign up form to receive a special gift from you so that you can follow up with them through email, or to prominently showcase how people can get in touch with your business to purchase from you.

This welcome page allows people to link from Facebook back to your website if somebody clicks on the link in Facebook. This will help you increase your traffic to your website and also your search ranking in Google since the more people that come to your website, the higher Google usually will rank it.

Usually, I would take the main elements of my client’s home page and discuss additional components that are specific to Facebook to increase engagement from visitors.

Welcome Page – Graphics!

It’s recommended that you feature as many graphics as possible on Facebook as opposed to just heavy text. The reason is because this tends to increase the chances of people clicking on the links in your welcome page to find out more about your business. People are less likely to read through lots of text to as compared to something that has more graphics.

Products/Services Page – Just like your website, you can have a customized page for each of your main products and/or services. This can be exactly the same as the page on your website and is great for allowing potential customers to find out about your products and services without having to leave Facebook. Facebook users are typically more acceptable of information in a Facebook environment (including your promotion of your products/services) as compared to if they just come to your website.

This page should again feature as many graphics as possible to make it engaging for the visitors.

Then, it should link back to your website to improve your site traffic from potential customers and also your Google ranking for your site.

Finally, it should definitely have your call to action, whether that’s getting them to click on something so they’re brought to the shopping cart page, or link back to your website, and your contact information so they can ask you any questions about your products/services.

The recommendation is to limit yourself to 3-4 of these products/services page and of only the main categories of your offering. The reason is because this will allow you to not have information overload on your vsitors and also because your visitor will likely only click on 2-4 of your customized pages so you should make sure the most important information that encourages people to buy are featured on these pages.

If you’re interested in knowing more about marketing through Facebook and increasing visits to your website, please contact us for a free online marketing and social media consultation.

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