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Facebook: Reach Your Customers by Age, Location, and Keywords

Many people have asked me about Facebook advertising, including how it can work for a local business. How can you use this to increase your Facebook Marketing as a Small Business?

Better yet, how can you set up your Facebook ads for increasing sales by┬átargeting your customers by age, location and keywords? This is important as customers are searching for your products and services on Facebook! So don’t miss out on potential sales!

Watch my free tutorial video that goes in depth to show you exactly how to use Facebook advertising to maximize your return. Facebook ads has a similar concept as pay per click advertising online that you may have heard of.

The benefit of Facebook ads is that each time somebody registers for a Facebook account, they enter in detailed information such as their age, location, and interests. All of these goes into Facebook to help you focus your ads so that it only displays to the people that fit your target customer profile.

For example, if you sell yoga classes to working moms in Toronto, you can target by:

  • Age: 25-45
  • Location: Toronto
  • Keywords (these are people’s interests when they fill out their profiles): yoga, mom, yoga class, mother

You can get even more tips on effective Facebook ads by clicking here!

Please share any comments/questions to help you better use Facebook ads.

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