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Social Media Marketing – Creating Content for Your Local Business Using Google Insight

For your local business, you’ll learn how to create content that customers want by their search terms and their locations by using Google Insights, contact the indexsy company and learn more.

For example you are an Italian restaurant, you would find terms that match similar to your industry, such as “Italian food”. You would type this into the “search terms” section and you can type in as many search terms as you want. Then, based on your location, you can then sort for your country, state, and possibly even city. Then, you want to pick something over the last 30 days so that it’s recent searches done by your prospects in terms of the words that they’ve typed into Google for their searches related to your business.

Sometimes you’ll find that there won’t be enough searches in your local area that would be sufficient for Google to report on. There’s a few ways around this:

1)      Select the next biggest city/metroa area that’s close to you and see if there’s any search results that come up;

2)      If that doesn’t work, you can then select “all metros” to help you find search terms that’s popular in your state/region.

For our example, let’s say nothing came up for “Italian food” when we narrow it down to “Los Angeles”. However, if we selected all metros in California, we see that in the top searches (at this time), the terms that people are looking for are “italian restaurants”, “italian recipes”, and “italian food recipes”.

Therefore, what this means to you is that you can now use these terms as the topic for your social media content (whether that’s blog post, YouTube video, Facebook status update or Tweet). You’ll also want to include these terms a few times throughout your content to help you increase your search ranking in Google. The reason is beccause if Google sees a particular search term appear many times in a blog post or Facebook update, etc. they’ll classify it as more relevant and rank it higher in search results when your prospect searches for this in Google.

From our search, you can then create your content on why you are a unique in terms of “italian restaurants” such as customer appreciation day. Or you can post an “Italian receipe” that also features how your restaurant is known for that type of cuisine or food. (For example, create social media content on italian recipe on traditional pizza, and then you can also have a link to your menu that features the pizzas offered in your restaurant). This helps build your credibility since you are informing them of something they’re looking for and at the same time, it can help you build sales since you can also say, “this recipe will go fantastically with our dish chef’s fettucini…”

One of my clients is a meal assembly company and was wondering if they could post some recipes that they really like from another blog and then insert a brief discussion about their meal assembly service that includes recipes similar to the one that’s posted in their blog.

My answer? Absolutely.

The reason is because you are helping out readers by providing them with something that they’re searching for – information that they specifically wanted. And, you are building your credibility with the fact that not only do you provide information, you are also a business in this industry and the benefit that you can give them. This will eventually result in building your sales as they’ll be more likely to go to you simply because you’ve provided useful information.

If you’re worried about the fact that your local area’s not coming up in the search results so the top search terms aren’t going to apply to your area, you can think about it this way: let’s say that only San Francisco had top searches instead of Los Angeles (where your business is). However, the people that are in San Francisco who are looking for this information may come across your social media content and the next time they’re in Los Angeles, they can come to your business since you were able to provide them with useful information.

Also, they may have friends in your city that they can send your content to, meaning you can also build your sales through referrals.

Please let me know for any successes or questions that you have by posting your comments below.

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