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How to Increase Your Website Traffic

How to Increase Your Online Traffic?

Regardless of whether you’re an online, local, or brick and mortar business, you need to be able to place yourself in front of customers that are searching for your products and services online. The reason is because more than 90% of people will start their purchasing decision by researching online. Therefore, there’s 3 ways to increase your online traffic for boosting your marketing, sales, and referrals:

  1. Rank Higher on Google
  2. Pay per click advertising
  3. Social media

#1 Rank Higher on Google

Since more than 90% of people will start their buying process by researching online, ranking higher in search engines is a cornerstone for being able to get online traffic. The basic concept is that by increasing your search ranking when customers are searching for your products and services, they will come to you before they go to your competitors. This is great as these people are already searching for your products/services, so it will be an easier sell to them as they want your solution to their problems. Even for small businesses, this is do-able through effective and affordable search engine optimization. They main thing you have to keep in mind to increase your search ranking higher is to help Google better understand what your website is about. This is a long term strategy and involves various technical aspects to help you generate long term traffic to your website. You can read more about it in “How to Continuously Get Qualified Buyers Online Instead of Cold-Calling”.

#2 Pay Per Click Advertising

This is a focus on driving more short term traffic to your website. As people are usually looking to eventually buy a product/service when they search online, you can effectively use pay per click advertising to drive traffic to your website or even store! The benefit of this method is to focus directly on increasing sales since the cost-effective pay per click campaign is designed to display your ad to people who have already pre-qualified themselves as buyers. For example, when people search “Calgary personal trainer”, you know that they want a personal trainer in Calgary. You can design your ad if you’re a personal trainer in Calgary to show up only when people type in those keywords. This will help you get pre-qualified buyers to ensure you get a high return on investment. Then, when they click on your ad, they’ll be taken directly to the page with your product/service to encourage them to buy. This can also be the page on your website featuring your online store or order form to encourage your point of sale. You can read more about this in How to Quickly Get Qualified Buyers Online”.

#3 Social Media

Social media has been exploding with new information in the past 2 years. Social media is important for your sales to increase referrals and also repeat sales. For example, up to 60% of consumers are more likely to buy from and recommend to others of businesses and brands if they are Facebook Fans, according to Mashable. Your Facebook fans, blog and YouTube subscribers, Twitter followers, and LinkedIn contacts can easily share your content with the rest of their contacts. This is also a great way to continuously engage with your potential and existing customers. Think about it this way, with your traditional forms of advertising such as flyers, radio ads, and newspaper ads, it’s often costly and hard to stand out. With social media, you can provide useful information by setting up affordable Facebook Fan Page, Business Blog, Twitter Profile, YouTube Channel, and LinkedIn profile. This will allow customers to see you as helping them with your content, and make them more likely to start trusting you as the go to source for solving their problems.

Therefore, it is essential to have the 3 components to increase your online traffic:

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