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How to Continuously Get Qualified Buyers Online Instead of Cold-Calling

If you’ve done cold-calling, chances are you didn’t like it. Or even hated it.

It’s understandable why cold calling is not on most people’s list of happy things to do since it’s hard to be motivated when people are constantly not picking up the phone, hanging up on you, or telling you to stop calling them.

Instead, why not go where people are searching for your products and services?

Where they are already pre-qualifying themselves as buyers for your products and services?

Question: How to Continuously Get Qualified Buyers Online?

Answer: Rank Higher on Google!

More than 90% of people start their buying processes by researching online. With a market share of 65% of all searches online, Google is your best friend when positioning yourself in front of customers who are searching for your products and services. When people don’t know something, they’ll “Google it”. This means if you can rank higher on Google when customers are searching for your products and services, you’ll be able to get more pre-qualified traffic to your website, resulting in easier sales for your business!

How to Rank High on Google?

The basic concept to rank high on Google is that Google wants to deliver quality content that is relevant to customers searching online. So if you have the best content on a topic that your customers are searching for, Google will rank you higher than other sites for those searches on that topic. You need to help Google know what your site is about and with which search terms does your website relate to.

As an example, if your business is “weight loss”, your website should frequently contain these keywords in your content. There are also an additional 200+ other factors that goes in helping Google understand your site better, including various technical details. All of these factors are known as search engine optimization to help you get more pre-qualified buyers to your site, resulting in easier sales for you!

Investing in Search Engine Optimization or SEO is cost-effective marketing to bring you more qualified buyers.

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