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Social Media 4Hire -

Local Small Business to Medium Business Internet Marketing

Our Integrated Solution includes helping you with your Website, Social Media, Getting More Customer Traffic, and showing up on the Map when Customers Search for You.


Website Improvement for Increasing Prospects and Sales

Easy, Affordable, and Effective Websites for You to Grow Your Sales

Free Training Video on Website Do’s & Don’ts to Improve Your Sales and Decrease Costs.

  1. Your Website Analysis – Allows us to determine areas for improving your ability to generate prospects and sales.
  2. Website Design and Re-Design
  3. Your Free Consultation –  You’ll learn what are the missing aspects to your website which are key to increasing your business.
  4. Fully Functional Site for You – You’ll be able to see the fully functional site that we built for you for Free so that you can continue to manage and build your online presence (without being tech-savvy!)

Social Media Marketing

Strategy, Set-Up, Maintenance, and Growth that’s simplified for your business so you can actually focus on your business instead of wasting a lot of time on social media with little return.

Our goal is to recommend the most effective social media sites for your business (instead of recommending every social media site that’s out there for your business since that’s not a good use of your time and money, which some companies do)

  1. Assess Your Existing Social Media Presence
  2. Social Media Set-Up and Improvement to help you get started for generating leads and sales. This includes Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Blogs.
  3. Social Media Strategy so that you know how to go forward for growing your business
  4. Social Media Maintenance and Growth to save you time and effort

Put You on the Map When Customers Search for You

We’ll ensure that you’re showing up on the map so that customers can visit you first! This’ll be through Google Places and various other major search engine directories to increase your visibility

More Customer Traffic through Google

Get Found on Google Faster by Customers so they’ll come to you instead of visiting your competitors

It’s not just enough to have a website, you need to constantly update the search engines and web directories with your information in order to rank higher in search results. We can help.

Conclusion: Get Found on Google Faster = More Leads = More Sales



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