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Blog Marketing – 3 Ways to Increase Your Sales through Your Blog

To increase your sales through your blog, possibly as a small business wanting to get involved in social media marketing, you can do this in 3 easy ways:

  1. Featuring your biggest promotion right at the top of the blog
  2. Make use of the widget area (left or right sidebar) to feature your promotion and increase your prospects
  3. Having About Us and Services/Products Page right on your blog


1. Featuring Your Biggest Promotion Right at the Top of the Blog

You want to ensure that when a visitor comes to your site, you only have 7-10 seconds to capture their attention. Therefore, you want to make sure that you have your biggest promotion to encourage visitors to start engaging with you because of your offering. You can do this by creating a post that’s known as a “sticky post” (you’ll have the ability to check this option off when you go and create your blog post). This means that regardless of any posts that you may create in the future, this post will always “stick” as the first thing that visitors see when they come to your site (watch the video to see how to do this by following me on my screen)

2. Use Widgets to Remind People of Your Services

You can use the widget area (if you’re not familiar, this is the left or right sidebar on many blog themes) to feature your services or sales. I like to do this in 2 ways – sales come in the form of prospects and actual sales. So what I like to do is offer people 2 things they can do when they see my right sidebar area.

First, they can sign up for my email list, where they’ll get tips and training from me. As I help these email subscribers with their social media and online marketing problems, I’ll be able to strengthen the relationship between the subscriber and myself. Then, when it comes time for these subscribers to determine who will fulfill their online or social media marketing needs, it’s more likely they’ll go to someone who’s helped provided them with information along the way (through my email and blog content).

Second, they can also go directly into accepting my offer on my website. So below my email sign-up, I’ll feature a graphic or articles about why they need a certain type of service that we provide and also use the help of New York SEO companies that are easily reachable online. This way, it can result in actual prospects contacting you so that you can make a sale. You can also feature a section called “Popular Articles” that not only teaches visitors and educate them about why they need your service, but you do so in a way that does not seem like it’s just a sales person talking at them, you’re offering them information about why your services can help them. You can see an example at my site:

You can see examples of how to set the widgets up for yourself by watching my instructional video (above).

3. Having About Us and Services/Products Page right on your blog

People like to know more about you and your company if they like your blog. As such, one of the biggest mistakes that a lot of companies and individuals make when setting up their blog (if it’s not integrated already with their website), is that they leave golden virtual real estate untouched. They don’t have an About Us page or a Services/Products page. Remember, readers and visitors want to know more about you and will trust you as the expert to recommend them things, so make every use of that! Don’t be afraid to include your products and services on your blog – this should help you increase your prospects and customers visiting your site as well as contacting you for buying from you.

Let me know if you think this is helpful and please share this with friends that may benefit from increasing sales through their blogs.

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