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How to Quickly Get Qualified Buyers Online

Question: How to Quickly Get Qualified Buyers Online

Answer: Pay Per Click Advertising!

More than 90% of people start their buying processes by researching online. Therefore, if you can be positioned in front of these potential customers when they are searching for your products and services, then you can get more qualified buyers visiting your site as they are already searching for your business offerings. Pay per click advertising is a great way to INSTANTLY get traffic!

You can instantly be at the top of Google searches when customers are searching for your products and services. For example, if you are a “photographer in Calgary”, you can have an ad appear on the first page of Google or on Facebook to encourage people searching for photographers in Calgary to visit your website or give you a call.

Cost of Pay Per Click

The great thing about pay per click is just as it says – you can still gain brand awareness if people don’t click on your ad AND you only pay if somebody clicks on your ad.

The cost of running ads is dependent on what keywords you are trying to get for your ad to display when customers are searching for those keywords. The more broad and general the keywords are, the more likely that it will cost higher. For example, “weight loss” is going to cost much more than “weight loss in Calgary” as “weight loss” has much higher searches. For the small business, it is often cost-effective to have specific keywords (such as “personal trainer in Calgary”) as these may be only pennies per click instead of several dollars for generic keyword. The benefit of specific keywords is also that you get even more targeted and qualified buyers as you’re presenting them with a specific solution to their specific problem.

Details to Consider

To have a cost-effective pay per click campaign, you should consider the following:

  • What is my marketing budget limit? You can set specific budgets for your pay per click campaign to avoid any surprises and to test out how well pay per click works for you.
  • How does this compare to our other marketing plans for return on investment? Since you can track exactly how many clicks that came to your website, this provides more exact numbers as compared to tracking how many people visited your company from your flyer or newspaper ad.
  • What is the best case and worst case scenario? The worst case would be more online exposure, valuable information on which ads create interest. The Best case could be a $3 investment to bring a visitor to your website and them buying $1000+ in products/services)

Take advantage of Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns to quickly get more qualified buyers! In addition to generating customers directly, paid ad campaigns provide invaluable data as to what messaging and ad wording your customers are responding to. This can help with your overall marketing strategy instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on flyers, print or radio ads only to find that people aren’t responding. You have flexibility in changing the pay per click ads quickly to increase your traffic instead of waiting on the printers or advertising agencies to slowly change your ad copy.

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