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The 14 most essential kinds of humor

These are the kinds of humor categorized in accordance with their traits and their psychological results.

They are saying that laughing could be the very best medication, and they're proper. Humor is an excessive necessity for human beings, because it permits us to face the day after day with out falling into essentially the most boring of routines or despair and anguish when seeing the cruel and merciless world that we've needed to dwell.

Naturally not all humors are the identical. There are them for all audiences, assured laughter for the entire household with out the mother and father being shocked by some barely bawdy joke. In different instances it's simply the alternative, pure intercourse, pessimism, bodily violence and mockery of the crudest problems with society.

Subsequent we're going to uncover the 14 kinds of humor along with all their traits and a few references for every style.

The 14 kinds of humor, and their traits

There are every kind of humor genres. There are jokes that everybody can hear, since they don't comprise any sexual or violent references, whereas others are simply that, pure sexuality and bodily brutality. Additionally humor that arises from the incoherence, from essentially the most ironic dryness of the protagonist in the direction of his atmosphere, emotionality and other people round him.

Subsequent we're going to see the ten commonest kinds of moods, their traits and a few of their references.

1. Absurd humor

Absurd humor, also referred to as surreal, has an affinity for what's unsettling . He makes use of every kind of expressions, each verbal and written, in addition to representations that expose us to unreal conditions, full nonsense if we see it from a rational perspective. This nonsense has been premeditated and intelligently thought out. Making a foolish factor really humorous is an artwork, one thing that few can do.

Absurd humor exposes circumstances that don't make sense, as its identify suggests, for which it's not potential to discover a congruent clarification . This kind of humorous illustration covers all of the concepts that may be discovered within the area of creativeness, so some concepts could be obscure.

There are various animations, exhibits and comedians that make use of one of these humor, which may nicely be thought-about essentially the most recurring. A basic reference on this style is Monty Python, very well-known between the 60s and 80s. In Spain we've Muchachada Nui and Faemino y Cansado. Nor are there a couple of cartoons that exploit this humor, having the basic Looney Tunes, Ren and Stimpy, SpongeBob, Present Tales, The World of Gumball, Dexter's Laboratory or Clarence.

2. White humor

White humor receives this identify as a result of its humorous references are wholesome, clear and freed from any crudeness or an unstated damaging connotation . It's a sort of harmless humor, supposed for youngsters and adolescents during which insults usually are not used and no unhealthy intentions are hinted at. Additionally it is referred to as a parlor joke as a result of, by avoiding insults and obscenities, it may even be thought-about acceptable for college.

He flees from mockery, irony and cynicism, and fully leaves apart subjects akin to racism or sexism used as humorous types of expression. It's of a clearly infantile or "household" character, acceptable for any event and it's virtually unimaginable for it to offend somebody , making it splendid for viewing with the household.

Amongst its most notable references within the Hispanic world we've the Mexicans Chespirito, Capulina and Mauricio Herrera, the Spanish Gaby, Fofó and Miliki and the Chilean Firulete. Additionally it is frequent to seek out one of these humor in animated movies for youngsters, defending their innocence however with out depriving them of a very good dose of laughter.

3. Black humor

Black humor emerged as a counterpoint to Romanticism firstly of the twentieth century . It's an ironic, sarcastic, satirical, skeptical humor that's associated to absurd and grotesque humor. He often makes a comedy of pessimistic concepts, demise and different subjects associated to human tragedy and the way disagreeable and pathetic life could be. It covers darkish, painful and controversial subjects and is continually questioning the ethical fiber of society and the tendency to be politically appropriate.

As a result of he has no qualms about bearing on points that don't depart us detached, inside black humor we discover mockery of points akin to discrimination, politics, faith, struggle, sexuality and violence. You can even be outspoken and converse your thoughts on rape, racism, terrorism, addictions, and psychological issues. He talks about what individuals do not wish to speak about, he makes enjoyable of no matter.

There are various who've resorted to one of these humor all through the historical past of comedy . Amongst its nice references we've the Marx brothers, Charles Chaplin, Stanley Kubrick, Tim Burton and Quentin Tarantino. Within the area of animation we've exhibits for extra mature audiences akin to South Park, American Dad, Household Man. As for the world of literature, we've Roald Dahl, Anton Chekhov, Mark Twain and André Bretón.

4. Crude humor

Crude humor is predicated on producing conditions or circumstances which can be embarrassing, painful, ridiculing and humiliating for these concerned . Additionally referred to as "slapstick" or bodily comedy, it's loaded with bodily violence, actual or simulated, with which it's desired to generate laughter within the viewers. The general public laughs on the ache and embarrassment of others. It's the humorous materialization of the expression “Schadenfreude”.

However there's not solely violence, however we will additionally discover excessive doses of specific sexual references, obscene phrases and vulgar expressions. Cruelty and harm individuals are a particularly recurring subject in one of these humor, humor that may solely be loved visually given its bodily nature.

Among the many exhibits during which we will see one of these humor we've "The Three Stooges", a real basic within the style. In more moderen occasions we've "Jackass" and "The Dudesons" during which we will discover extremely harmful scenes, the place somebody finally ends up being injured, generally significantly.

5. Dry humor

Dry humor, additionally referred to as "deadpan", exposes one thing humorous with out resorting to physique language in any respect, therefore the dry . The comic doesn't specific feelings and his message has a continuing monotonous tone. It's critical, casual and pure on the similar time. It can be characterised by a sure air of naivety and little consideration to the info that encompass it, displaying such unalterable tranquility and immutability that one can not assist however snort at it seeing how incoherent the state of affairs itself is.

Among the many clearest examples of dry humor we've figures like Eugenio, Invoice Murray, Zach Galifianakis, Leslie Nielsen, Tommy Lee Jones, Cacho Garay, Ricardo Quevedo and plenty of others. Even, in a sure means, the character of Mr. Bean could be thought-about with a sure air of dry humor in some episodes, particularly when he doesn't know what is going on round him.

6. Grotesque humor

The etymological origin of the phrase "grotesque" comes from the Italian phrase "grotta", referring to the alteration of what's historically aesthetic or proportionate . Thus, grotesque humor involves seek advice from a sort of comedy associated to the unusual, ridiculous, eccentric, implausible and irrational. Horror, animalization, mockery and indifference are combined.

It's a cultured humor, within the sense that it's intently associated to the humanities akin to literature, portray and sculpture. Cartoons are often a transparent instance of taking proportions to the intense and enjoying with the concepts of what's stunning and mixing it with the ugly and horrifying, whether or not utilized to issues or to individuals. A comic book ingredient is product of incongruity.

As the attractive and the ugly are combined in a number of methods, phrases like “decay”, “monstrosity” and, in fact, “deformation” can't be omitted when describing one of these humour, particularly when it's uncovered pictorially. The grotesque provokes every kind of feelings in us, together with disgust, anxiousness, concern and disgust.

7. Satirical humor

With satirical humor, what is meant is to criticize and denounce some sort of injustice by means of comedy. It tends to show us some worth , being moralizing and utilizing ridicule to indicate that there are defects and issues in a society or in humanity in its most extension. Burlesque and humorous sources are used inside its totally different types of expression, particularly inside literature and dramaturgy.

There are a number of literary genres that exhibit satirical humor. To say just some we will discover the grotesque tragedy, the grotesque, the fable, the picaresque novel and graphic publications . Additionally it is frequent to seek out satire on posters, tv exhibits and films that use comedian conditions as a way to make social criticism and hope that the state of affairs will change.

8. Sarcastic humor

Etymologically talking, the phrase "sarcastic" comes from the Greek "sarkazéin" which suggests "lip chunk" since it's like we really chunk our lips, with out saying issues clearly and explicitly however utilizing clever feedback of their phrases. place, apparently opposite. It makes use of cruelty, sadism and biting to get the specified impact . It's often very recurrent in parody, reworking a critical state of affairs right into a extra acquainted one.

Its basis is the devaluation or degradation of what's the object of his mockery. This intentional contempt is became one thing humorous by ridiculing the one that laughs, saying one thing that's simply the alternative of what they really feel and suppose. It's exactly this distinction of concepts and values ​​that offers rise to a comical state of affairs, or not less than in those that know find out how to "get" the true message. The grace is in figuring out the alternative that means to what's actually mentioned.

9. Inexperienced humor

Inexperienced humor is the humor of each specific and implicit intercourse . Its content material is clearly vulgar in nature, with a bawdy tone and unhealthy style at occasions that it's inevitable to snort whereas feeling embarrassed. Naturally, it's a humor that's solely appropriate for adults, though it's common and could be understood by any tradition and social class since you do not have to be very clever to know jokes about penises, vaginas, boobs and ass.

10. Hacker humor

Hacker humor derives from laptop tradition and refers to a sort of humor that arises from these consultants who grasp the vocabulary of programming . They're often elaborate parodies that must do with paperwork, code, programming languages ​​and recordsdata, all types of points of the cyber world.

The truth is, one of the crucial frequent methods to manifest this sort of humor is in RFCs, request for feedback that describe normal Web protocols. These RFCs have a proper language however hacker humorists manipulate it in a really humorous means, as inside jokes made within the code of this system or the doc, which may solely be understood by different programming language connoisseurs.

Psychological Classification

After seeing the kinds of humor primarily based on their traits in themselves, we'll see a extra psychological classification. Humor can have totally different sides, makes use of, and can be extra dangerous relying on the use and intention with which they're produced . Everybody has a humorousness to a larger or lesser extent, what varies considerably is whether or not it is really humorous, acceptable, and has any actual social profit. Subsequent we'll see the humors following a psychological classification.

1. Connective humor

It's humor with a transparent social intention, which is finished as a result of it is humorous for almost all who can establish with it . Actions and conditions of day by day life are used, that are humorous for everybody, producing a way of happiness, well-being and a larger thought of ​​belonging to a bunch.

2. Aggressive humor

Insults or humiliation are used in opposition to different individuals, being solely "comfy" for part of the viewers . It could be humorous to some to see different individuals being abused, threatened and harm, whereas the victims could turn out to be afraid.

3. Uplifting temper

It's the humor we do to attempt to get one thing good out of an opposed state of affairs. It arises from the necessity to snort at oneself in a wholesome means , being reflective in regards to the errors and misfortunes that one could have however that one can be taught from them.

4. Self-deprecating humor

That is the humor that we make of ourselves however in contrast to the reaffirming, the self-destructive one acquires a operate as self -punishment. Aggression or self-pity is used. Some could view it as wholesome humor, however it can be a type of oblique protection in opposition to abusers or an indication of melancholy and low vanity.